Tooth/white (metal free) Fillings

More and more people are opting to go for natural-colored fillings over metallic or silver alloy materials. The former presents many advantages, the best of which is a beautiful, metal-free smile. It is a great, natural looking way for you to treat your cavities. Our clinic offers top-quality services for teeth whitening in Toowoomba,so you can show the world your dazzling 100 % healthy smile!

Types of  tooth coloured Fillings

When treating your cavities, a dentist has to choose which material with to fill up the cleaned up space. Until recently, metallic materials were commonly in use and believed to be the ‘strongest’. However, today, dental technology has evolved tremendously and with the help of a process called ‘bonding’, dentists can smoothly and naturally fill it up your with natural coloured materials, a synthetic resin and a setting ingredient.  There are different types of white materials that can be used to fill up your dentition.

  1. Composite resins
  2. Glass ionomers cements
  3. Porcelain

Advantages of Going All-Natural

When it comes to dental treatments, metallic materials are on their way out and for good reason. Natural-coloured restorations offers many advantages:

  1. The most obvious, popular benefit is the ‘metal-free’ look. The white colour looks completely natural and is almost invisible. Dentists can perfectly match the mixture to your natural colour.
  2. They are more enduring, too. They last longer primarily because they cause no extra damage (like metallic materials) and therefore do not have to be frequently replaced
  3. They are the most comfortable in the short and long term. Composite materials are associated with less pain and sensitivity post-surgery. They fit so well that they also cause very little discomfort later on.
  4. They provide the most protection as they can be naturally ‘bonded’ to the tooth, in a close imitation of natural coverings
  5. Prepping is easier and less invasive, requiring less of your natural tooth area to be removed
  6. They strengthen the dentition, protecting it from bacteria and provide long-lasting protection

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