Bleaching-Home and Office

Discoloration and staining of teeth is increasingly becoming a problem within the larger population. One of the least invasive course of treatment for this issue is Philips Zoom Whitening. You can get your teeth whitened at NorthPoint Dental Centre under the special care of our health professional. You can also opt for a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kit and use it at home.

Each mode has its own set of advantages and reasons why you should opt for it. However, medically there are a couple of factors that can swing the decision one way or another:

  • The amount of wear and tear your tooth enamel has faced i.e. the extent of staining and discoloration.
  • The reliability of the brand that you have opted for in your whitening kit.

Professional Services: The Safest Option

The benefits of a professional services are the safety and reliability of it;  choice of product, duration of treatment. In Toowoomba, we offer comprehensive and customized dental bleaching services in-office. Here’s why you should pick up the phone and make an appointment with us,

  • This procedure produces the fastest results.
  • It is a tried and tested safe method
  • If you have sensitive gums and teeth, you should opt for professional services. Under clinical environment sensitivity can be controlled , which is not a viable option at your residence.