Education and Reinforcing Child’s Dental Awareness

Oral health includes all the essential functions of the mouth, teeth and other related facial structures. The oral health of children should not be ignored as it is very important for the overall general health. Any problems in the oral cavity can lead to severe pain and have profound impact on the kids as it interferes with their day to day lives and hinders their ability to achieve their goals. In children tooth decay is one of the most common childhood problems and if left untreated, it can worsen the condition leading to other serious problems. We believe in promoting child’s dental awareness, it should include meeting the different healthcare needs of the child; make the child aware by educating them, their parents and teachers in order to maintain proper oral health.

We emphasize mainly on preventive oral care as most teeth and mouth related problems can be prevented if good oral habits are practiced from an early age. A child’s awareness of oral health can be better with the following:

  • School is the first place where different kinds of oral health education programs can be conducted that emphasizes on promoting healthy oral habits, stresses on the importance of regular professional care to prevent diseases and help the children to understand the consequences of oral diseases.
  • Creating general awareness of proper oral health is of the utmost importance,making sure  parents understand that proper oral hygiene throughout infancy and childhood can ensure good oral health for their children during adulthood
  • Procedures like interceptive oral care, orthodontic procedures are important as the main objective behind these methods is to limit the chance of diseases and provide better oral health

As the oral health of children is very important for their overall well being, improving a child’s dental awareness will enable them to maintain and improve their oral health, in their own little way. Providing the parents with proper information on their children’s oral health is one of the best ways to promote proper oral health care.Good habits like brushing their teeth after meals and snacks,brushing with fluoridated toothpaste and flossing every night, encouraging the parents to limit sugar rich foods and developing a positive attitude about visiting the dentist.Positive reinforcement can help provide a positive outcome in oral health education.

This awareness will lead a child to grow up and become responsible adults who pay as much attention to oral health as they do to other aspects of health and well-being.