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before the treatment starts

Digital Smile Design – DSD®

Experience innovation in dentistry

With the help of digital technology you can achieve your dream smile you were craving for. We proudly introduce you to this life changing system. The best thing about this system is you have full control on the final outcome. Yes,that’s right! You will will physically see yourself with the new smile on the digitaly designed cropped smile photo of yours and also the mock up temporary composite restorations. You will have an opportunity to participate in your smile design!

Are you the one,

  • Have missing, broken down or worn teeth that affect your smile and chewing abilities.
  • You are looking at restoring good oral health along with that impressive ‘smile’
  • Have very good oral health but it is just that you are wishing for that dream ‘smile’ this is for you.
digital smile

Ready for the first step to your new smile?

How does Digital Smile Design work?

It all begins with a through consultation with our expert Dentists, understanding and establishing your expectations of course of care. analysing your facial and dental features using digital photography, video, and x-rays. The imagery created is interpreted to understand the relationship between your teeth, gums, lips and other facial features. Taking this information, we’re able to devise a treatment plan specific to suit your established needs and expectations,

This advance technology has simplified the process of transforming a person’s smile, confidence, and physical function. It’s quicker and provides both patients and dentists the information needed to plan and implement treatment more quickly and accurately.

Ready for a Digital Smile Design. My next step is?

Pick up the phone and book in a consultation appointment. In this appointment,

  • Step 1 - Involves taking a through consultation establishing your needs and expectations. A through clinical exam, a series of photos and videos of your teeth, a digital scan of your teeth and gums. After this a sequence of background events will happen
  • Step 2 -We then communicate this information with the DSD centre where they will digitally design that Hollywood smile specially for you.
  • Step 3 - DSD centre us information about your new designed smile and a putty. We will show you your future smile on a cropped photo and also use the putty to put those temporary veneers and crowns on your teeth to give you impression of the final result. Once you are completely happy with the final result then we will book you back in for an appointment to start the actual process
  • Step 4 - Mouth preparation- In this appointment the teeth and the gums will be prepared to receive the veneers and crowns will be done. Preparations will be digitally scanned and sent to DSD centre to fabricate final restorations. Temporary veneers and crowns will be delivered for your comfort and protection of dentition
  • Step 5 - Final stage- Delivery of final restorations and give you that dream smile

Benefits to a digital smile design:

  • Perfect smile- harmonious to your facial structure and proportions.
  • Customized results comparable to perfection
  • Complete control over the outcome-you will precisely know what the end result would be and control it.
  • 100% predictable outcome

Ready for the first step to your new smile?