Dental Care Toowoomba

Preventive work is an essential oral health practice, recommended by dentists for people of all ages. If you’re looking for top-class  Dental Care Toowoomba, Northpoint Dental Centre is the place for you. We have a fully-trained and highly qualified staff of dentists who can take care of your beautiful smile and have you looking and feeling absolutely healthy. Visit our clinic to get the best possible Dental Care Toowoomba.

What is Preventive Dentistry?

The first, most important step in oral healthcare is that the patient regularly visits their dentist. At your regular checkup, our expert practitioners will closely examine your teeth, gums and tongue for signs of ill-health. The normal examination process involves the use of mirror, probe, X-Rays etc.Often, the examination will be followed up by a general cleaning of plaque and calculus from the surface of crowns,roots and gums followed by application of flouride gel. This is to clear up any existing plaque build up and thus prevent the future colonization of bacteria in the gum pockets which causes periodontal disease.

Why Do You Need Maintenance Care?

-Plaque/Tartar Removal: Getting rid of plaque and calculus on your teeth and gums is the key to maintaining a healthy set of teeth. While regular brushing and flossing helps to some extent, gum pockets get quickly filled up with debris and bacteria and a specialized set of skills and equipment are required to clean up these areas of your mouth

–  Avoid the Risks:  The advantage of getting regular maintenance for your teeth is that a few minor scale and polish can help you avoid major surgery at a later stage. Plaque build-up can be extremely dangerous when left unchecked and detecting it with eye is often difficult, especially in the early stages, when it is easiest to treat

– Look Great: Another great benefit of getting precautionary work done is it lends your teeth an extra sparkle. One of the simplest ways of avoid stains on teeth is to get regular clean-ups at the doctor which remove the damaging plaque before it hardens

–  Fresh Breath: Plaque or bacteria build up is often indicated by bad breath. Regular visits to the dentist will restore the balance of your mouth and improve your breath.