Traumatic Injuries/ Knocked Out Tooth

In case of an accident, a sports injury, a brawl or any other incident that results in injuries to the oral cavity or a tooth being knocked out, you need immediate, specialized medical attention. We offer emergency appointments and treatment for traumatic injuries amongst all the dental clinics in Toowoomba, our team at NorthPoint Dental Centre gives you immediate as well as long term care where necessary.

What kind of injuries are we talking about?

This definition of oral trauma covers three major aspects:

  1. Severe injuries to the teeth
    1. Knocked out teeth
    2. Broken teeth
    3. Lost filling/crown
  2. Severe injuries to the Periodontium (this includes gums, alveolar bone and periodontal ligament)
  3. Severe injuries to the lips and tongue
  4. Severe injuries to the jaw/facial bones resulting in fractures

Re-implantation of a knocked-out tooth

At NorthPoint Dental Centre in Toowoomba, we believe in preservation of natural dentition. Even though these teeth have questionable prognosis its always worth to try to save them, when it is suitable. We will try to re implant your knocked out permanent tooth. Oral healthcare experts around the world believe that a knocked out  tooth can be re implanted within 30-60 minutes of the incident. The sooner it has returned to its original position, the better.

What you need to do

  • Ensure the safety of all there first
  • Give us a call, we will guide you
  • Remain calm but need to act quickly
  • Source the tooth,hold it by crown portion(that part which is visible in the mouth)
  • If the root portion of the tooth is visibly soiled,clean it holding under running milk or water for very brief period
  • Try to replant the tooth in its position. If this is done within 30 min of the incident,the tooth will have better chances. You can use aluminium foil or place a gauze/soft cloth and ask the patient bite on it gently to hold the tooth in place.Approach the dentist immediately.
  • If you cannot replant the tooth, it needs to be kept moist by placing it in milk,in a container or zip lock poly bag.If milk is unavailable it should be stored in the patients  mouth next to the cheek (only if patient can handle it)

What you shouldn’t do

  • Don’t hold the tooth by its root
  • Do not refrigerate tooth
  • Do not scrape the tooth
  • Avoid rinsing or storing the tooth in water for more than 1 minute
  • Don’t let the tooth dry
  • Don’t remove any tissue fragments hanging on the tooth

What we do

  1. The first thing our healthcare experts will do is to re position the tooth in its original place.
  2. If in case you have attempted to do the same, the expert will ascertain that it is in fact the correct position.
  3. The detached tooth will then be splinted with the teeth on either side of it, so that its position is held steady while it heals. This splinting will be done using a thin piece of wire or clear plastic.
  4. These teeth  may need Root canal treatment to be started in a weeks time

A re implantation is done for permanent teeth not for the baby teeth.