Management of Traumatic Dental Injuries

Trauma related to the oral cavity refers to the injury to the teeth or nearby soft tissues surrounding the teeth that include the lips, tongue etc. and occurs in accidents or while playing sports. There are different types of dental distress of which chipped teeth are the most common amongst others. In some case the tooth is not displaced and there is no bleeding of the gums, the only symptom, however is  minor chipping of the teeth which may form sharp or rough tooth edges.  Another example of less frequent but severe injury to your tooth is the dislodged or better known as knocked out teeth. In this case the upper front permanent teeth are the most common to be completely knocked out.

Prevention of trauma to your oral cavity:

Severe damage to the teeth and mouth are very common and most of these affect mostly the front teeth and may cause damage to the soft tissue that includes the lips, tongue or cheeks. The most common kind of oral problems usually occurs while playing sports.

  • Using mouth guards while participating in any kind of sports helps prevent any mouth injury
  • Use a seat belt to prevent or reduce the chances of any mouth related injuries and otherwise too, during a motor vehicle accident
  • Always wear a helmet to protect against any kind of trauma to the face, teeth or any kind of brain concussions especially when playing certain sports like baseball or rugby
  • Take special care if using an orthodontic appliance and follow the instructions properly to avoid any kind of injury

There are different types of Dental Injuries Treatment that are available depending on the nature of the injury and the duration of time that is required to heal. Such issues are treated by endodontic experts. Our dental health care experts are trained in endodontic procedures that involve treating the inside of the tooth. It is different in the case of children, if their permanent teeth are not fully developed at the time of injury it needs special attention and proper follow up. But not all kinds of harm to the teeth require root canal treatment. Our health care experts will try all possibilities to save the natural tooth of the child.

We have a team of expert dentists with special training in endodontic procedures and they are expirienced. You can contact our clinic NorthPoint Dental Centre for affordable and effective Dental Injuries Treatment In Toowoomba.