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Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry

The need for emergency medical and healthcare arises at the most unexpected times. The need for immediate and urgent treatment can arise in the case of oral problems as well. Toothache and infection  are not only severely uncomfortable but is also threatening to the overall health of the patient.  NorthPoint Dental Centre offers the most affordable options in emergency dentistry in Toowoomba.

What problems qualifies as ‘Emergencies’?

Basically anything that’s bothering you

  • Severe and persistent toothache
  • Traumatic injuries, for instance knocked out permanent teeth
  • Broken and/or chipped tooth/crown
  • Fractured filling
  • De-bonded crown/bridge
  • Problems with dental implants
  • Post-op issues

In the case of children, there are certain problems that are of different in nature due to the delicacy of their age. If a child is suffering from pain,abscessed tooth or any kind of oral trauma, they should be taken to a clinician at the earliest. Incessant bleeding after the loss of a baby tooth should also be treated as urgently as possible.

At our clinic in Toowoomba we offer affordable emergency oral healthcare services. Not only do we aim to reduce your discomfort, we also offer professional advice on how best to tackle the root cause of your problem. Our team comprises of expert dentists in Toowoomba with a thorough knowledge and extensive experience.

We believe in treating all our patients with the utmost care, ease any anxiety that they might have during the course of treatment. Most cases can be sorted out in one, maximum two visits. However, we believe in thorough follow-up, thereby ensuring excellent patient care.

You can contact our clinic to avail immediate care and efficient services for any form of emergency dentistry in Toowoomba.

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