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General Dentistry Toowoomba

Teeth are an important but often neglected part of our health and well-being. Most people only rush to the dentist when there is noticeable discomfort, but you should ideally have your teeth checked every few months. We offer a wide range of services in General Dentistry Toowoomba to help you keep your teeth in the best health at all times. Our dentists provide excellent preventive care to deter future oral problems, as well as minor restorative work or cosmetic services. The scope of our service covers many aspects of great oral hygiene and you should take advantage of them to ensure your teeth are sparklingly beautiful and clean, always.

What is the Scope of General Dentistry?

  1. Regular oral checkups to make sure your teeth are in good health. The main areas examined will be the oral cavity, head and neck.
  2. Diagnosis of existing or potential problems using instruments, radiographs, tests and our expert clinical experience.
  3. Developing an individual plan to treat the problem, taking into account the history of the patient, other medical issues and desired results.
  4. Undertaking minor procedures like fillingsbonding, root canals, and dentures.
  5. Follow-up examinations to ensure recovery is on track and the root cause of the problem has been dealt with.
  6. Minor cosmetic dental upgrades can also be provided, following a well-thought out, long-term plan that takes into account the aesthetic requirements of the patient.
  7. Regular checkups will include preventive advice to assist patients in doing what they can, from their end, to keep their teeth in top condition.

Some of the procedures which are commonly required and performed as a part of general dentistry include fillings (with a choice of fillings as per your personal requirements), bondingorthodontics, root canals, dentures, dental crowns and bridges, minor maxillofacial action, periodontal treatment and cutting edge laser procedures. Your dentist will be able to recommend which of these are suited for you, depending on your oral hygiene and personal requirements. Complete oral care also includes healthy gums, optimum oral bacteria and a clean tongue. Sometimes, treatment might not even require any surgery or tools, just a higher level of oral hygiene from the patient’s side. However, it is always better to get the dentist’s opinion before you decide.

Our clinic has a well-trained staff of nurses and dentists who are experts in high-quality oral care. For all your needs, you can visit us for General Dentistry in Toowoomba and get your teeth in A-grade condition!

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