Preventative Dentistry -
Fancy way of saying

‘check-up and clean’

Preventative Dentistry

Prevention is better than cure, a cliché for a reason.

NorthPoint Dental Centre offers some of the most comprehensive and easy to avail services for preventive dentistry ToowoombaPreventive or precautionary dental care is imperative for healthy teeth and gums and overall good health. In this field of dentistry we offer consultation and advisory services along with periodic examinations and checkups so that your family has excellent all-round oral health.

Precautionary oral health is important in modern services because the focus has shifted from emergency patient care  to healthy maintenance. That is to say that instead of spending hours in anxiety, pain and discomfort in the case of an infection leading to an emergency it is better to take measures to avoid it completely having a full course of care which makes it very easy to maintain.

This involves regular visits with our health care team, beginning with drawing up a dental health care plan on your first visit. You can also enroll your entire family in this dental plan, thus ensuring health all ‘round’.

What does this treatment plan involve?

Our healthcare team will offer advice and medically sound recommendations on lifestyle habits.

  1. Which toothpaste and toothbrush will give you the best results.
  2. How many maintenance visits should you opt for on a yearly basis. This assessment will be made after taking your oral health history and your current lifestyle habits into account.
  3. Risk assessment- the team will assess the risks your oral health is currently facing. Based on the results of the checkup you will be advised on what changes you should make in your diet or your lifestyle in order to minimize the risk at the earliest.
  4. A dental screening will take place during your periodic visits that will include monitoring tooth decay, gum health, TMJ, problems with the bite, oral cancer and periodontal disease. This screening is done using probes / digital x-rays that offer a clear look into the oral cavity of the patient. The radiation exposure of digital x-ray are minimum and are a universally accepted form of examination.
  5. During these visits, the team will also offer dental cleaning (prophylaxis) services. This is recommended to remove any kind of plaque, calculus and staining from your teeth.

Patient Education

The scope of our services within preventive dentistry includes instilling excellent oral habits in all our patients. We believe that besides understanding the correct course of action to take in order to maintain good oral health, understanding the risks of poor oral health also improves the state of care patients take of their teeth and oral cavity.

Want to learn more about medications and how they can affect your oral health? Time to get in touch.

Preventative dentistry and children

Good oral hygiene habits start early and we encourage parents to include us in their team to educate children on the benefits of preventative dentistry.

Apart from establishing an important relationship with children to build their confidence in visiting the dentist, starting early with regular check and cleans provides the opportunity for them to learn valuable life skills. 

Proper brushing and flossing techniques can be learned and children can be encouraged by our friendly and supportive team (rather than feel their being nagged by parents!). We can help you instil these valuable behaviours into their everyday routine, setting them up for a healthier, happier life. Who knows? They may just end up enjoying it!

Parents and children can also benefit from the Child Dental Benefits Schedule which provides financial cover for dental expenses. This makes quality dental care affordable for families and is just another way you can access the preventative dentistry you need, at the time it’s needed.

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