Gum Disease Treatment Toowoomba

Most people spend a lot of time worrying about cavities and root canals, not realizing that periodontal infections are one of the most prevalent causes of bad oral health and tooth loss. A good way to keep track of your oral health is to undergo regular dental check-ups at a trusted clinic. This will keep you aware of any creeping infections and your dentist can promptly treat it in time. There are many risk factors for periodontal infections, including genetic factors, which is why it can be a recurring problem for many people.  This is why periodic check-ups are recommended to manage this oral health issue. We provide expert, wide-ranging gum disease assessment in Toowoomba for patients of all ages.

What is Gum Disease?

Periodontal infections typically start slowly, giving little to no indications about their existence. The first stage is usually called ‘Gingivitis’ and as it develops, you may start noticing certain signs, including inflammation, swelling, discoloration or bleeding. Most likely, you won’t experience any pain until the very advanced stages. This can be dangerous if you don’t get regular checkups, as periodontal problems can cause loss of teeth. Sometimes the symptoms can be quite confusing, so self-diagnosis is not recommended. The best course of action is to get your teeth examined by a qualified dentist who will be able to use the proper equipment and procedures to diagnose and treat your condition.

Some other important facts about this form of oral ill-health:

–  It can develop at any age; though the older you are, the quicker it may progress

–  If left untreated, it can pose serious health risks to the patient

–  It has been linked to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and respiratory illnesses

Factors that influence periodontal infection

There are some factors that are linked to increased chances of developing periodontal infections. Part of managing an on-going periodontal condition is monitoring your exposure to these elements:

– Tobacco products

–  Smoking

–  Stress

–  Medication

–  Bad oral hygiene habits

Your dentist will advise you to follow simple precautionary steps, like brushing twice a day, using an effective toothbrush, regular flossing, eating a balanced diet and so on, to keep your oral cavity fit and healthy. If you develop health problems in spite of preventive measures, our clinic offers the best solutions for gum disease treatment in Toowoomba.