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Orthodontics treatment may incorporate conventional braces, internal lingual braces, clear braces ,Clear Correct and MyoBrace. Orthodontics treatment helps to make the health and function of your teeth better enhancing your Smile and functioning of your jaw and associated joints. It becomes simpler to have better oral hygiene if your teeth have been aligned to the correct position. At Northpoint Dental, we give you a brief guide on orthodontic treatment and also  how they are conducted.

When is the best time to have orthodontics treatments?

An orthodontics treatment is ideal for anyone irrespective of age. The general time to begin orthodontics treatment in the kind of braces is at between 10 to 14 ages, when most permanent teeth have come through, however you can initiate treatment at any age. New Research suggest that the earlier you start the Treatment better the results. Despite of old age you can begin to wear braces or Invisalign. Hence if you have a desire for straighter teeth, visit us at Northpoint Dental and consult with our team to discuss different orthodontics options available to you.

How long does orthodontics treatments take?

The time period needed for orthodontic treatments is based on the type of problem which needs to be treated, and how much movement is require to place the teeth into correct position. Treatment time can vary from straightforward cases to complex cases. Your treating Dentist can give you a time estimate during initial consultation.

Our Orthodontics Treatment:

Invisalign /Clear Correct No Braces

Invisalign/Clear Correct, is a virtually invisible approach of making teeth straight and enhancing smile without requiring fixed braces. Invisalign is one sort of orthodontic treatment which utilizes series of clear aligners that are tailor made for your particular orthodontic requirements. The placement of your teeth is slowly adjusted over a period by a series of clear, removable aligners. The kind of nature of this treatment being removable makes it delightful option for many people. You can remove it while eating or during special occasions.


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