Complete and Partial Dentures Fabrication, Repair and Relines

If you’re looking to get dentures in Toowoomba, our clinic is one of the best choice. We have an experienced, well-trained staff of dentists and nurses  who are experts in quality oral health care. We will carefully analyse and assess your dental health and will give you an appropriate option only after taking into consideration all the factors involved, including the comfort of the patient.  We are fully aware of the sensitivity of this issue with patients, especially those in the geriatric demographic; as such we ensure that each and every one of our patient get’s a long-lasting, comfortable solution for their oral health problems.

The Services We Offer

Depending on your age, the state of your health and your general oral hygiene, there are different types of services you can go for. Your dentist will be able to provide the best possible options for exactly what you need:

Complete Replacements (Full Denture): A full set of prosthetic teeth are fitted out for patients who have lost their teeth due to old age, decay, periodontal disease or injury. Fabrication of complete dentures is done to perfectly match the structure of the patient’s jaw line. It provides many benefits, including establishment of proper bite to enhance the chewing ability,and aesthetic,supporting the facial muscles .

–  Partial Replacements:  (Partial removable Denture)When some natural teeth are still healthy, partials dentures are used. The missing teeth are replaced with prosthetic teeth made using a resin and wire base. This prevents future misalignment, spaces between teeth which may lead to decay, it provides a more pleasing aesthetic effect covering gaps between the tooth.

–  Repairs of Existing dentures: While these artificial replacements are built to be long-lasting, they are just as susceptible as natural teeth to cracking and wear and tear. In case of a chip, crack or break in the false tooth, dentists can repair it, often in just one day. They will also provide you with advice on how to prevent such breakages in the future.

Reline of existing dentures: Over time, tissue changes may occur in your jaw, causing the dentures to become ill-fitting and loose. This can often cause a great deal of discomfort and difficulty in chewing. Your dentist can offer ‘relining’ services, whereby new base material is added to improve the fitting and comfort of the existing dentures.

Northpoint Dental Centre provides Complete dentures in Toowoomba for patients of all ages; we can also help you get same-day Partial Dentures Toowoomba.