Preventive and Restorative Dental Procedures

Preventive and restorative dental procedures, refers to the methods or treatments that help reduce, eliminate or minimize oral health problems. Prevention of any kind of oral health problems through proper oral hygiene should be initiated as soon as a child gets his first tooth. The most common problems faced by people is tooth decay and gum diseases and the prevention of such issues is quite simple.It involves regular visits to the dentist, proper diet, brushing your teeth by using fluoride toothpaste  and flossing. At North Point Dental Centre, our goal is to allow our patients in Toowoomba to enjoy a healthy life free from the discomfort that comes with tooth problems.

Everyone can benefit from preventive dentistry, even people who do not have any teeth can benefit from preventive dentistry as serious oral conditions such as mouth cancers can only be detected during regular visits to the dentist and can only be treated by an oral health care expert. We offer a variety of preventive and restorative dental procedures in our clinic to assist our patients’ with their oral health and make them smile a lot more. Some of the most common procedures that we do are as follows:

  • Restorations- Minimal invasive restorative procedures, using suitable restorative materials.
  • Dental crowns/bridges – This is the most common method that is used to fix badly damaged or decayed tooth. It not only protects the tooth from further injury, but it also restores the functionality and appearance of the tooth. It is usually custom made and is available in different materials like porcelain, gold and as well as ‘all ceramic’ that resembles the natural color of a tooth.

Preventive and restorative dental procedures involves methods that strengthen a tooth to make sure it is not damaged or broken. Our team comprises of expert dentists who provide you with the best measures and treatments to properly take  care of your oral health