Root Canal Treatment Toowoomba

With the advances in modern dentistry, root canal treatment has become a simple, relatively pain-free procedure which can be done quickly and comfortably by experienced dentists. Saving one’s own tooth is always better. Root canal is one of the procedures if done efficiently can save a tooth for long. Northpoint Dental Centre provides expert, efficient Root Canal Treatment procedure in Toowoomba for patients of all ages.

What Does It Involve?

Contrary to popular belief, root canal treatment is actually quite painless. Essentially, it is the removal and disinfection of the infected or dead ‘pulp’ of your tooth to stop the spread of the infection. Infection can happen due to several reasons: deep decay of the tooth, a crack in the crown, injury to the tooth etc. The root canal is then enlarged and shaped in order to fill it up with bio compatible replacement ‘gutta-percha’. The procedure is  done in two sessions. Patients can then choose to either have a filling, inlay or a crown to cover their tooth,they are made of different materials.

Prevention, Symptoms and Precaution

  • Prevention: Dentists recommend certain preventive measures to ensure you remain in the best possible dental health. Regular check-ups ,brushing and flossing will ensure your teeth remain as healthy as possible. However, certain conditions,genetics ,and dietary factors can increase the risk of decay and infection despite precautions, so it is always a good idea to have 6 monthly check-ups for your teeth.
  • Symptoms: Watch out for common symptoms like pain ,temperature sensitivity, swelling, tenderness, discoloration of the tooth and pimples on the gum.
  • Post- operative precautions : Maintain excellent oral hygiene and get regular check-ups to make sure the tooth is functioning well.

Ages ago,if the tooth was infected, the tooth had to be removed completely. With the leaps in modern medicine, such extreme measures are no longer required and with modernized treatment, many teeth have been saved. So if you feel any discomfort or pain don’t hesitate to seek root canal treatment in Toowoomba at our well-known clinic.