Scaling Treatment Toowoomba

We will provide a thorough cleaning for your teeth, which can often be just what is needed to prevent a major infection at a later stage. These forms of treatment are a part of the essential maintenance service which your teeth regularly need in order to be healthy and clean. For those at greater risk of infection, more frequent cleanings may be required while those with a healthier set of teeth may need to come in just once a year. This is determined by many factors including genetic pre-disposition, immune system functioning, smoking habits, diet etc.

How Does It Work?

This form of treatment generally involves the following stages:

  • Removal of calculus or tartar: This is hardened plaque that gets stuck to the tooth and gums. Dentists will first remove this using a dental scaler
  • Removal of plaque: This is the filmy, sticky substance that appears on teeth. It is composed of debris, bacteria and saliva, often with toxins that can cause inflamed gums. This is thoroughly removed from every surface.
  • Polishing: The surface of the tooth is polished to get rid of any remaining stains and marks
  • Fluoride varnish: The dentist will prepare a high-concentrate fluoride varnish which will be applied to the teeth and left, undisturbed, for half an hour.


There are many advantages of getting regular maintenance services for your teeth:

  • Beautiful teeth: The discolored, spotted effect resulting from plaque build-up which often masks the beauty of our teeth can be completely removed with the help of a professional clean and polish.
  • Cleanliness: Often plaque settles in hard-to-reach spots, where it can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria causing decay and infection. You can stop the growth of such deposits by thorough  professional clean from the dentist.
  • Fresh breath: The odor associated with bad breath is the result of plaque build up; getting rid of the latter will eliminate the former

Set up an appointment with one of our experienced dentists to enjoy a comfortable, expert Scaling treatment Toowoomba which will leave you with a sparkling, clean smile. You can call our clinic today and set up an appointment for better looking teeth and good oral health.