Teeth Extraction Toowoomba

In certain extreme cases, dental decay or injury can lead to a dead tooth that cannot be salvaged by medicine, or procedures. When this happens, the safest option is to opt for a tooth removal. If you find yourself in a situation requiring exodontias, you should carefully evaluate your options and select a dentist you can completely trust, as this surgery does come with certain risks. Northpoint Dental Centre is a reliable clinic offering expert services in tooth extraction in Toowoomba; with us you can be assured of access to world-class technology and expertise.

When would a tooth removal be necessary?

Usually, the patient and the dentists manage to catch the problem in time to save the tooth. However, there are some situations where extraction becomes unavoidable. There are many reasons why this might happen:

  • Orthodontia: Sometimes, there are simply too many teeth in your mouth. As your orthodontist attempts to align them, he may recommend extracting tooth/teeth to bring them into an aesthetically appealing position.
  • Infection: If untreated dental decay is allowed to grow unchecked, tooth removal will be the final result. This usually happens when root canal therapy is not a option anymore to contain the infection.
  • Periodontal disease: Gum disease can cause inflammation of the roots and this can lead to loosening of your teeth.  Dental practitioners may recommend pulling the tooth out to treat the periodontaly compromised teeth.
  • Late growing molars: Slow-growing or blocked wisdom teeth can cause a problem with chewing, biting and may even lead to infections. They are often candidates for extractions.

What Should You Expect During Tooth Extraction?

Tooth removal begins with your dentist numbing the tooth and surrounding area with local anesthetics.  If it is a simple procedure, the dentist will simply use a pair of removal forceps, luxators and elevators to extract your tooth out. In the more complicated surgical procedure, Dental drills are also used, along with the other instruments, and the tooth may have to be removed piece by piece. Nowadays, modern instruments like lasers are used to make the procedure quicker and more efficient.

Our clinic offers excellent, modern day dental care for patients of all ages. If you require teeth extraction Toowoomba, Northpoint Dental Centre is the best option.