Wisdom Teeth Treatment

If you’re seeking top-quality wisdom teeth treatment, our clinic is the best bet. We have a proficient team of dentists and nurses who are completely committed to providing you with the best possible oral health. We can assist in every stage of the process, from the initial check up and diagnosis to final treatment options. With us, you’ll be assured of understanding the puzzle and figuring out a great solution for this irritating, sometimes dangerous dental issue.

What are they?

While we usually speak of a ‘full set of 32 pearly whites’, the truth is, most people only require 28 of them. The last four are known as the ‘wisdom’ ones which usually come in somewhere between the late teens and early twenties. When perfectly aligned and properly grown, they are useful and can add to your dental efficacy. However, they have tendency to grow in a less-than-perfect manner, since over time, the human jaw has evolved to be able to hold 28 of them comfortably. This is why dentists speak of the ‘impacted’ teeth i.e., teeth that are in some way or the other problematic for the patient. Sometimes they may cause minor discomfort but won’t require any specialized attention. It is advisable to visit a dentist as soon as you feel it is growing so you can get a timely evaluation and prevent future complications. Through a careful wisdom teeth assessment process, dentists can identify the problem and decide if extraction or alignment is necessary.

Impacted Wisdom Molars

There are a two main reasons why they might be considered ‘impacted’.

  • Mal-aligned:  Growing in a disruptive angle; they may be too horizontal or at an angle into the jaw, causing damage to the jaw, nerves or existing teeth. This is usually because there isn’t enough space for the wisdom molars to erupt in which case they are usually removed.
  • Partial Eruption: This happens when the tooth grows half-way and then either stops or continues to grow at a very slow rate. This can lead to a lot of decay, pain, swelling, stiffness infection etc. This is a dangerous situation and  wisdom tooth treatment may be required.

It is recommended you regularly check with your dentist as the wisdom teeth emerge, to make sure you are not at risk of any of the above listed afflictions.